ArenaPlus: Knicks’ Playoff Success

Knick’s Dominant Offense

The New York Knicks have shown incredible growth in their offensive play this season. The team has significantly improved its scoring capability, making use of both their seasoned veterans and talented young players. The following highlights shine a light on their offensive success:

  • Increased Points per Game: The Knicks raised their average from 106.5 points per game last season to 115.6 this season.
  • Three-Point Shooting: They improved their three-point shooting percentage from 35.4% to 39.2%.
  • Efficient Ball Movement: Their assists per game also saw an increase, from 22.1 to 25.4, showcasing excellent team-play and ball circulation.

Julius Randle has particularly excelled, contributing an average of 24.9 points per game. Randle’s efforts have been supported by RJ Barrett’s consistent shooting and Jalen Brunson’s strategic playmaking.

Robust Defense Structure

The Knicks have built a sturdy defensive structure, securing their playoff standing by neutralizing opponents’ offensive efforts. Here are key components of their defensive strategy:

  • Defensive Rebounds: The team averages 45.2 defensive rebounds per game, ensuring limited second-chance points for opponents.
  • Blocks and Steals: Averaging 5.1 blocks and 7.5 steals per game, the Knicks have been relentless in their defensive approach.
  • Points Allowed: They have managed to keep opponents to an average of 107.3 points per game.

Mitchell Robinson has been instrumental on defense, averaging 2.2 blocks per game, while guard Immanuel Quickley has excelled in perimeter defense.

Key Players Stepping Up

The success of the New York Knicks is not solely attributed to their strategic play but also their key players stepping up in critical moments:

  • Julius Randle: Aside from scoring, Randle’s all-around performance includes averaging 10.2 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game.
  • RJ Barrett: Consistently supporting with 18.2 points per game and strong defensive stints.
  • Jalen Brunson: Excelling in game management with an average of 6.1 assists per game.

The bench has also played a crucial role, with Derrick Rose and Obi Toppin providing reliable backup.

Fans and Home Court Advantage


The Knicks' supporters have been a driving force for the team, amplifying the vibe at Madison Square Garden. The home court advantage remains a pivotal aspect of their success:

  • Home Wins: The team boasts a 29-12 home record, driven by the relentless support of their fans.
  • Attendance: The Garden has consistently sold out, energizing the team and creating a formidable atmosphere for opponents.

This season, the Knicks’ playoff success showcases a harmonious blend of enhanced skills, strategic planning, and an unwavering support system, propelling the team to the forefront of the league.

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